Our Cultural Proposal

Those who seek the DeRose Method are not interested in discovering the palliatives that cover-up the ills of daily life. They are interested in absorbing culture. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, culture is, among other things: “the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group; the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group”. Accordingly, our Culture is a behavioral refinement that especially addresses good human relations and all that it involves.

We write fiction, non-fiction and biographies covering various subjects: behavior, good manners, gastronomy, philosophy, etc. We hope to help those who read my work and attend my classes to improve themselves, to become better, more polished, more traveled, more refined, more civilized, more cultured, and even to improve their language and manners. We suggest a behavioral revolution, proposing more sensitive and loving relationships with family, with intimate partners, with friends, with subordinates and strangers. We recommend that eventual conflicts be resolved elegantly, without confrontation. On top of that, we teach how to breathe better, how to relax, how to concentrate and cultivate quality of life, providing the cultural and social conditions that encourage youth to stay away from drugs, tobacco and alcohol. All of this combined, eventually, leads to self-awareness.

This proposal is preferred by people inclined to appreciate culture and alludes to the fact that we not only teach physical techniques, but we teach a culture.

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