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Some of the tools we use are respiratory re-education, stress management, organic body techniques that promote vitality and energy, procedures that enhance emotional relaxation and mental concentration. 

DeRose Method is unique! 

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Prof. Gustavo Oliveira

DeROSE Method Professor 


How to improve your body performance in an intelligent way that respects your biological rhythm? DeRose Method has more than 2,000 body techniques that develop yourself: flexibility, strength, and body awareness.

We have several groups of techniques: forward bending, retroflexion, lateral bending, torsion, muscle strengthening, traction, pelvic opening, balance, which are trained standing, sitting or lying down. You practice the techniques without repetition, the development is isometric, which at the same time generates flexibility and strength. In addition, it does not wear out your joints or generate for you any risk of muscle damage. We have eight general rules of execution: coordinated breathing, permanence, repetition (none), localization of consciousness, metallization, didactic angle, equalization, safety.

We do not do warm up because it is not necessary in our type of training. But make no mistake, the techniques are extremely strong and very efficient in developing strength and flexibility. You gradually develop your body analogous to the characteristics of a feline. Dexterity, precision, subtlety and strength. Your viscerally is quite exacerbated, as well as your vitality and energy.

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