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Quality of life is to make your existence uncomplicated, to do what gives you pleasure, happiness, health and well-being.

Quality of life is to fulfill the psychophysiological needs, to adopt habits that improve and maintain the functionality of the body, emotions and intellect. It's the improvement and development of our abilities, in virtue of the triad: good nutrition, good health and good brain.

Quality of life is to socialize in an easygoing, ethical and responsible manner towards the sociocultural environment, aspiring to share and interact, always with generosity, elegance, respect and affection in human relations by adopting a set of values that include good culture, civility and education.

Quality of life is to adopt a vision of the world that motivates us to pursue development and improvement continuously, conquering personal excellence by means of study, ideals and self-awareness.

Quality of life is to spend less than you earn and save. It’s to live near work. To eat frugally. To be able to find satisfaction in everything. To spend time with your friends and acquaintances. To give flowers to the people you love. To not be unsettled by life's mishaps. To love frankly and forgive sincerely.

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Prof. Gustavo Oliveira

DeROSE Method Professor 


It is human nature to be conditioned by certain patterns of behaviors since we were born. We are what we repeatedly think, feel, eat and behave. Even though our behaviors are not rewarding, people are rarely able to change their habits and attitudes. It is much easier to plan than to change habits. What if I told you that there is a shortcut to help you tackle your habit changing goals and so achieve a high-performing lifestyle? I have noticed that more and more people want to change their lifestyle habits, even when they have professional success. Just being financially successful is not enough anymore, people want to succeed in all aspects of life!

Because of a crazy and rushing daily routine, people develop low awareness of their own lives. They wake up, they work, they feed and they sleep almost automatically, without asking themselves what really makes them happy and fulfilled in life. But this is not your fault… This is actually how our brains work.

A lot of people work only to earn money, and often in a profession that doesn’t fulfill them. They spend their lives complaining about the work, the company and the boss. Most people eat just because they are hungry in a random, quick and unconscious way. The next day all this unconsciousness process repeats itself indefinitely ... There is a very nice film that illustrates very well this situation titled Groundhog Day by director Harold Ramis and starring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott and Stephen Tobolowsky. The film demonstrates, in a fantastic way, the outcomes of low lucidity in daily life, as well as the repetition of the behaviors and habits that don’t produce good results in life. It is a very good and funny movie, worth seeing.

The DeRose Method works precisely to improve the perception of each non-healthy or non-fulfilling behavior, offering you tools that develop good mental focus, good nutrition, good human relationships, good stress management and good physical vitality. Once, listening the recording Develop Your Mind, by Professor DeRose, a teaching from the training class drew my attention: "... smile and the world will smile at you, cry and you will cry alone ...". This statement struck me a lot and, from then on, I began to apply this principle to my daily life. A simple changing promoted an extraordinary result in my life, it brought me extremely better relationships at professional and personal life, opening business opportunities and rewarding friendships. Would you like to change some habits, attitudes and behaviors to live your life fully and to perform at your best? You have two options, you can try by yourself improving your lifestyle, it is possible for sure, but it will take will too many years to achieve it and maybe you lose a lot of business and life opportunities in the meantime. Or you can apply a method in your life that will shortcut your path to a couple of months and will allow you to achieve your peak performance in life.

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