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DeROSE Method is a program to enhance vitality, manage stress and maintain mental focus. It promotes sustainable productivity and high performance living.


Since 1960

Today our network is present all over the world, in 75 locations, with more than 20,000 members, in 10 different countries. We are in cities such as: New York City, London, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, among others.

The Global DeROSE Network is an exclusive and select group of likeminded entrepreneurs, executives and athletes who make a difference in the world.

Paris - London - New York - Roma - Barcelona - Buenos Aires - Lisboa - Porto - Rio - São Paulo

What is the DeROSE Method?

It's human nature to want to understand things, and for this reason, we try to fit them into pigeonholes in our mind. No wonder pigeonhole is associated with something square and standardized. Learn more...

The Method as an Instrument of World Transformation

The techniques enhance the individual, while the concepts provide the means to change the world. The concentric circles of the following chart are the shock waves produced by the member of Our Culture with which he or she influences by setting an example of good habits, first, to the family circle; later, the circle of friends and peers at work, school, and in sports; lastly, the circle of people with whom we casually cross paths with in day-to-day life, including clients, suppliers and strangers. Learn more...

Our Cultural Proposal

Those who seek the DeRose Method are not interested in discovering the palliatives that cover-up the ills of daily life. They are interested in absorbing culture. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, culture is, among other things: “the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group; the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group”. Accordingly, our Culture is a behavioral refinement that especially addresses good human relations and all that it involves. Learn more...

Commendator DeRose

DeRose is a celebrated scholar. He has won numerous awards, honorary diplomas and commendations. See below some of the commendations, medals and awards conferred to  Commendator DeRose by Cultural and Humanitarian institutos as well as the Military and Government. 

DeRose is an author. He has written over 30 books and sold over a million copies worldwide. Through the course of over 50 years of his career, DeRose has trained thousands of entrepreneurs and is acclaimed, without doubt, as one of the most expressive contemporary professionals. 

On the following picture ​you can see DeRose with his faithful companion, Jaya. Jaya is DeRose's dog and the subject of his book "Furry Angels". 

UN Peace Medal, 2006

UN Veterans Medal, 2007

Grand Collar

Master Class, 2010

Selection of Medals

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