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Our Home is a cultural and wellbeing space. An environment where our members can participate in discussions, courses and workshops on habit changing, stress management, interpersonal skills, conflict management, productivity, good nourishment and self-knowledge, as well as private or small group classes developing breathing, relaxation, physical techniques, focus and meditation. 

"You know how your business works,
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The technical part of the DeRose Method is taught in small group or individual classes. We have a big amount of complimentary activities as well, inside and outside of the school. Such as, gourmet, brunches, courses and workshops, festivals and trips around the world. We organize all these activities to experience the concepts of good nutrition, good culture, good human relations, etc.

Check our broad timeline, with classes and activities from 7am to 8pm. We are open on the weekends as well.

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Our Team in TriBeCa

Fernanda´╗┐ Neis

She graduated in Engineering and has been teaching the DeRose Method since 1995. Since then, she has represented the Method teaching classes and courses throughout Brazil, Argentina, Europe and the United States. She has the degree of Professor, and taught dozens of students to become instructors around the world. She is currently President of the DeRose Method Federation in the U.S. and Vice President of the DeRose Method Headquarters. Fernanda is a partner in 4 DeRose schools around the world.

At the end of 2013, she traveled with the Method systematizer and another group of professionals to India. He says it was his last trip there, if it was, she was there making history.

Gustavo Oliveira

For the past 12 years, Gustavo has been teaching executives from large corporations, high achieving entrepreneurs and top athletes how to overcome their limits and cultivate quality of life. He is the writer of the book - The Entrepreneurial Mind, launched in New York. His experience has taken him all over the world, he has lectured and taught thousands of students in New York, Paris, London, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Sao Paulo. He led dozens of students to become DeRose Method instructors.

He is also a Board Member of the Global DeROSE Network and is a prolific entrepreneur running 5 businesses, 3 of them training centers for high performance and quality of life. He holds the degree of Professor in DeRose Method and participated in the last trip to India with DeRose himself, systematizer of the Method.

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